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Monday, May 28, 2018

Saturday May 26--Last day on the 5/18 trip

This was our last day of the trip, and with not locks to contend with, it was a no-stress, easy 50 miles to Demopolis. It was probably our best wild-life watching day of the trip, with deer, hogs, eagles, osprey, and a raccoon that played peek-a-boo with the camera and wouldn't let me get a picture of him.

We pulled anchor this morning and stopped at the main river channel to let a towboat and his load get by. There was a thick fog to our south, but the tow captain said it was pretty clear about a mile below us so we idled along until we cleared the fog.

If you look really closely through the fog, you can see the tow pushing barges coming up the river.
It was a beautiful day to be out on the river! You never know what you'll see around the next bend.

We turned the boat around and watched this eagle for several minutes before he got tired of us and flew away.

He didn't want to give us a frontal shot, but did let us snap a few side profiles.

Buzzards (or vultures?) are common sights too. This one was drying his wings. Not as pretty as the eagles, but ...
We arrived at Kingfisher's Bay marina early afternoon, and Anna Marie was there to catch our lines and welcome us home. It was a great trip and somewhere along the Tennessee-Tom between Demopolis and Columbus I left all my stress and worries. Therein lies the greatest part of river cruising!

Glenda Says:
Even with the threat of storms last night we slept good.  Awakened to several fishermen putting boats in at the boat ramp near where we anchored.  Had a little fog but not enough to hamper our leaving.  It was a good day for wildlife.  We saw beautiful deer, more wild hogs and got great photos of eagles.  A lot of yelling takes place when one of us sees something to "get the camera".  Inevitably the one with the camera doesn't  see the animal.  You just have to laugh.  It is hard to explain the rush you feel when you see God's creation out in the wild doing what He made them to do.
Just beautiful!

We couldn't figure our what these two young bucks were eating in the sand, but they obviously liked it!

Wild hogs bring us mixed emotions. We love to see them, but then remember that they are invasive, destructive, and very costly to our farmers.

It seemed the trip was over very quickly.  Just as we were about to get to Kingfisher marina it began to rain just a bit.  That was the first rain we had while the boat was moving during this entire trip.

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